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Ode to Parents of school age parents...(a.k.a. Depp-free blog)

...if it makes you feel any better, parents, we teachers are saying the same thing in June!

"School days, school days, good ol' fashioned rule days...reading and writing and 'rithmatic..." If I don't stop now I'm gonna be sick!

Ha really. I do enjoy my job as a school teacher, but like anyone at the end of their vacation, I dread going back.

I know that there are non-teachers who don't understand how I feel. Many often express that teachers are spoiled with having 10 weeks off. I'm not going to address that debate, because it's a never ending battle. One that after getting totally perturbed, I end with "Well, then I guess you should have become a teacher." 'Nuff said. All I know is that for the next 10 months, I will have assignments and essays forever hanging over my head, knowing that "I need to get at those soon". I'm not complaining, but I don't think people realize that some teachers spend all weekend, seriously, Friday through Sunday, grading work.

I became the best teacher after I had gave birth to my son, and realized that the 130 some students I teach daily are their mom & dad's pride and joy. For years, when I was single, I'd have parents ask me during conferences, "What do you think I should do?" My gosh, I was a 23 year old, living with my parents and raising a black lab. Although shock collars generally work on the latter, I doubt it would encourage sophomores to do their homework! Not until I became a parent did I truly understand the impact I have on those kids.

Now, I begin the year looking at each of those students, and picture them as my own child. What would I want for that child? Am I really challenging them or am I letting them just go through the motions? I know I can't keep up that kind of energy all year, but I'm reminded of that more often than when I was a newbie teacher.

So here it is, my last night of freedom, but it is the start of my 21st year educating young minds and a brand new beginning with energetic young minds and friendly faces...(at least till I announce when the first test is)