Sunday, November 23, 2008

5 in a ROW! He proves himself again today!

Football fans, come on now...tell it like it is. Brett Favre should have been a Packer this year. Did you see him out on the field today, tossing the Titans their first loss in 13 regular season games? He is still one of the best quarterbacks EVER!

I know that it's too early to wag my finger at Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy and say I told you so....but I TOLD YOU SO!!! How could so many people lose faith in Brett?
Now, understand, I am no fickle fan. I have a classroom wall adorned with Packer posters, memorabilia and autographs that I have been collecting my whole life. I am NOT turning on the PACKERS! I still faithfully watch and root them on, even though I cringe when I watch Rodgers. I am still a Packer's Fanatic. However, last March, and later this summer when this whole brew-ha-ha heated up, I remained by Brett's side. I bought my Jet's tee shirt with #4 on it and a pennant for my son's room. It is posted along side Favre in a Packer uniform.

He is one of the GREATS....don't people see that? I think the NY Jet's fans do now. And Brett still has a supporter in Terry Bradshaw....Take a look at what he had to say last week before the Packer game....

I love how Jimmy Johnson shut up Howie Long by overpowering him at the end.

I know that this is an emotional topic, nearly as heated as the Obama/McCain debates, but has obviously less of an effect on our country's well-being! However, I just needed to let Ted and Mike know that I don't agree with their decision this year. And I guess I couldn't resist the "I told you so!" I know the Super Bowl
is months away, and in no way am I prepared to predict its competitors...but as a loyal Packer Fan, I am saddened to say that I think the Jets have a much better chance than the Packers ever will this year...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Smiley turns 30!

I have a wonderful friend who turns 30 today. (Which ironically means that I was on the threshold of puberty when she was born! Argh!!!!)

For privacy sake, she is better known as Smiley. She is all that and more. I have never known someone who has a bigger heart. She will bend over backwards for anyone and everyone, without even considering how it may put her out. In fact, without Smiley and her husband, Tyler and I wouldn't have gone to Florida this summer. She has opened up her house, her wallet and her heart to many, without ever asking for anything in return. She is altruism at it's very best.

So, Smiley, today is your day...even though we didn't get to celebrate it on the very day your grace the Earth with your presence, know that there WILL be a celebration! I want you to know that we love you very much and are so very glad that you are a part of our lives! I hope you had an awesome day and we wish you decades and decades more of love, happiness and health.
Here's to you, Smiley! Keep grinning!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wow, it's already November!

It's totally unbelievable that it's already November! I have been slacking on blogging lately too. School has been in full swing and first quarter grades are due next week. Of course, I have tons to grade before then, even though I had some very productive convention days.

Of course, Halloween was a blast. Ty wanted to be something scary so I agreed to go this far...a swamp monster. I felt that at least there were no weapons or extreme goriness...yes I may seem like a control freak, but he's only six. He doesn't need to be thrust into adulthood anytime soon...society does that for me already.

Ernie and Bert came along with us! My step daughter and her friend came to help out with everything. I think they had more fun at the bars the night before, but they were troopers. Even when they went up to one of the first doors, and isntead fo candy, someone offered them sardines, or soup...guess they caught on that poor college kids trick or treat for candy too! B&E didn't go up to the doors after that! Poor little swampy had to do it all alone. And of course the mask only lasted for the first few houses...Anyhow, it was a blast!

Today I'm enjoying the Packers and the Jets, playing two other teams, of course. Good thing I have picture within a picture! I'm doing so much channel flipping here, I feel like I may be growing testicles! Ha Ha! Both games are really good, but the Pack is tied to the Titans with 16 each. However, there's 2 min. left and I don't think Rogers can pull off before going into overtime. I guess I haven't had much faith in him this season...Since the Pack just extended his contract, I imagine THEY have trust in him...I made need a full season to decide.

I have recently been called a "fair weather fan". I didn't like that one bit! Of course, it came from my ex...'nuff said. Anyhow, this came about because I no longer have my LUVDAPK license plates...I've had them for a decade or so, and I figured now's the time to change...TO WHAT, you ask??? Well somehting to do with
Public Enemies, of course!

I don't think I should put the put the actual letters here, but they stand for Partners in Crime for Public Enemies! My partner in crime is my sis, Stargazer, and she's going to get one similar to that. I have had so much fun in the past 8 months with the making of the movie in Wisconsin, meeting Johnny Depp four times, and meeting tons of new and wonderful people. Therefore, I thought this new plate should represent my new phase of my life! In no way does it represent my feelings for the Pack! I love them dearly (as they are heading into overtime with a missed kick by the Titans...wooo hoo!) I just love PUBLIC ENEMIES MORE!!! Only 241 days left until the movie comes out!

So that's what's been going on as of late...however, I didn't even get around to my new obsession with Wicked the Musical. I'll have to save that for another post.

Hope all of you are doing well and getting ready for the holidays! Christmas is just around the is the trailer for my new favorite film...CAN'T WAIT!