Saturday, August 30, 2008

Johnny Rocks! Thank you Karen!

I love the site, johnnydeppreads because
they are so on top of things!
Here are some pics of The Kids in concert last night.
You can find the newest video at their site as well!

For more awesome pics, go to Getty Images.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Aug 29th... a monumental day in history...ok, and some shout outs to birthdays!

So what if Michael Jackson turns 50 today? Never mind that Barack Obama just became the first African American who's been nominated for President of the U.S. Put down those nail guns and boards, Louisiana...Gustav won't be there until Monday....(heartless, I know...sorry...I'm just being a bit sarcastic here...) But the big news is that Johnny Depp and his high school band "The Kids" are playing at Club Cinema tonight and tomorrow in Pompano Beach Florida.

I'm an 80's girl. Bands like The Clash, The Romantics, etc. had their LPs spinning on my record player. The Kids were just one of those punky rock bands from South Florida that never made it really big. They did open for some major headliners like The Pretenders in '81, though. However, I am very grateful that fate had a hand in this. Otherwise, would the film and TV industry have been graced by the acting talents of Depp? Who knows...

So I checked out tickets for tonight and tomorrow...Only $35! If I lived anywhere in Florida, I would be making a road trip this weekend for sure. But since I'm in good ol' Wisconsin, I'll be waiting for updates via the Internet! Thank God for YouTube, MySpace and Facebook! Ha ha!
How pathetic! Until then, all we have is the video from last year's benefit. Enjoy!

**********I would be remiss if I didn't mention that today is my sister's birthday. Swiss Miss, her designated blog name, is one of my three sisters and she is the one who is immediately older than me. She rocks! I love her dearly and wish her the best...even if she doesn't bother to read my blog. I think she's "Johnny'd out"!

My friend, The Naughty Monkey, is celebrating her birthday today as well. Monk, I wish you happiness and a great start to the new year. Remember "Celebrate your age in smiles, not tears. Celebrate your age in friends, not years". Hope that Smiley and I are still in your "friend circle". Miss you!

PS...I was really outdone...Check out this blog for birthday acknowledgements!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Johnny Depp is stalking me!

Ok, so that's in my wildest dreams, but he'll soon be somewhere I just was....According to, JD may be attending a benefit with his former band, The Kids, on Aug. 29 &30th. That's not the weird part; the concert is in Pompano Beach, Florida, where I vacationed to exactly one month prior to this concert.

Yeah, so I'm really reaching here, but how bizarre is that? I drove past Club Cinema several times during my week's stay. If I had known this ahead of time, I could've taken a picture outside and with my Photoshop skills, included JD in the pic. How funny would that have been?
This month also has not been Depp-free for me. Last week, my sisters and I toured Little Bohemia in Manitowish Waters, and met some awesome people who shared their "Johnny" stories with us. 'Artsy', my non-deppaholic sis, really opened up to the idea of even meeting him some day (which, by the way, surprised the hell outta me!). Others shared how warm, kind and truly genuine JD is and JD expressed how much he loved the Northwoods.....See, we have that in common now too! hahaha(View of Little Star Lake from Little Bo)

After leaving Little Bohemia, we stopped at a local antique store which was down the road. Little did we know but it was run by Ruth Gardner, niece to Emil and Nan Wanatka, the former owners of Little Bohemia during the FBI shootout in April of 1934. Nan was the one who slipped the note into a pack of cigarettes that alerted and summoned the FBI.

Ruth is quite a character, telling us stories of her family and her knowledge of that wild time period of gangsters, moonshine runs to Racine, and other nuggets of info. She did this of course, while she fed raw hamburger meat to her 12 year old wolf-mixed dog. Yep, quite the character she was. She also showed us several pieces of furniture and pictures that will be used in Public Enemies. Universal execs came to her shop to use vintage artifacts at Little Bo. One of those pics is this dog below.Anyhow, there was so much that occurred that weekend in the Northwoods that kept the Public Enemies theme alive for me but it's too hard to put into words and if I did, this blog would be uber-lengthy!

Is it freakish that I was in the same place/places as was/will be Mr. Depp? Yeah, if you want to believe in coincidences...But I have always believed that things happen for a reason. So, Johnny, if you're stalking me now, I've left Pompano Beach and am back to the old grind of work and more work. However, if you do catch up with me, I'll have a bottle of chilled wine waiting....

Monday, August 18, 2008


Those dreaded words have reached us via the air waves, the department stores and from desperate's back to school time.

Before I give in to this concept, I am going to finish enjoying my vacation. I will be incommunicado for the next week and then will hopefully start up my blog again. I've done so much in the past month, and I have some awesome stories to tell...

But until then, I'm soaking up the rays, swimming in my favorite lake and loving the time I have with my boy...My days are numbered :(