Monday, February 23, 2009

Public Enemies Preview at the Oscars!

It may only be a few seconds, but this is just enough to placate me until the trailer comes out!!!

All I could think of when watching the Oscars was how many times I'd hear "Public Enemies" or "Johnny Depp" during NEXT year's award show....Wooooo hooooo!

Great way to start a Monday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Heart Day everyone! I haven't blogged in two months and I know that there's been plenty to write about, but today I really felt like sharing the love.

I have the best Mom and kid in the world and I wanted to share that today. My mom, who's 81, came over to watch my son while I taught a class today...yes on a Saturday!
She slept over last night, in my tiny apartment, slept on the couch even though the "cat was on there"! (She does not like cats, but puts up with mine!)and even took Ty outside to play in the snow...even though she was cold.(She did go sit in her car while he played though.) I am so thankful for days like this. Not just because she helped me out, but because she's still here to share these times with us. Ty is 7 and is going to remember some of these days with her.

There have been so many days that I have taken that for granted that she was here...and of course I felt that way after I lost my dad almost 10 years ago. So many days that I thought I would have with him and those precious days spent with him are only a memory. So for today, I'm glad that I can share the love for my Mom and say that she's the best.

And for this kid of mine, ahhhh, what can I say? Most days he makes me want to pull my hair out or scream bloody murder, you know when I step on the sharp end of a transformer or trip over a shoe in the middle of the hallway...but I don't know what or where I'd be without him. He is truly the love of my life! I guess I never really knew unconditional love until I held him in my arms. God's greatest gift, for sure.

So my Valentine's day was flowers, no candy, no expensive diamond or jewel to flaunt and I could care less. For years, when I was single, I just dreamed of one day being fawned with gifts and expressions of love, promises of forever from a love so true. I finally realize that this day is nothing like that. Or at least I finally learned that I don't need all of that.

My valentine present today was watching Ty and Nana cuddle on the couch, enjoying a bowl of strawberries and laughing over some silly insignificant joke. Hallmark surely can't top that one...