Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Depp on Vacation...

I went to grab a magazine in the check out lane of Pick -N-Save the other day on the way to the pool. I wanted some sort of mindless reading and something quick. I can't really get into a novel while trembling as my boy jumps off the high dive...gotta concentrate! I looked over the rags, Star, National Enquirer...nah, not today...then I reached for July 21st People since Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were on the cover and I like them both.

Much to my pleasure, I found this awesome pic of Johnny Depp, sailing and drinking his Corona just days after finishing filming Public Enemies in Lockport, Illinois. I thought, I shook his hand just a few days ago, and now he's sailing the Caribbean and relaxing. The feeling of contentment swept over me. How weird does that sound? I meet the man a few times, ( ok, proud to say, Four!) and now I'm concerned about his well-being?

Yes, I am. Having experienced the filming of Public Enemies in both Wisconsin and Illinois, I now have a greater appreciation for the hard work that goes into creating a blockbuster hit. I'm sure there are many of you out there who have never experienced what I have. Heck, I'm 42 and this is the first time I was only feet away from a Hollywood movie set...(ok, actually 2nd. In the 80's, Major League with Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernson, and Tom Berenger was filmed at County Stadium in Milwaukee. My friends and I tailgated while it was being filmed, so it doesn't really count. But I know three of the guys who played Yankees. They went to my high school...'nother story, 'nother time!)

So, what have I learned from this whole experience? Here's a few things to begin a list...

1. I won't complain about high movie prices, whether it's at the theater or for purchase of DVDs. Michael Mann's actors and crew worked like a well-oiled machine, and there were millions of pieces that had to function together! I never realized how each day had to be planned with from when "Extra A person" had his makeup done down to when and where people were shuttled to lunch, not to mention all of the trucks and gas that were used. And these days, we know that gas is liquid gold!

2. I won't really question why a star is paid $20 million for one film. I know that seems extreme, (especially to a teacher who makes FAR BELOW THAT!) but I think actors like JD deserve that. Johnny met his fans on his own time, in the wee hours of the morning (Like Columbus and Milwaukee when we heard birdies chirping to welcome the morn, right Stargazer?) or late late at night when he already put in a 14 hour day. I'm not even getting into the privacy issue.

3. It's ok to experience something new. When Stargazer first talked of taking a week of vacation to watch the filming in Oshkosh in March, I thought she was C-R-A-Z-Y Loco! Then, the Saturday before the filming, (actually they did film the airport scene Friday night), I went up to see what it was all about. From that point in time, I was hooked. My principal let me take a Conference day on Tuesday to investigate and then another day day in May at Madison to bring my students to watch the filming. I don't think I would have even been interested without opening up my closed mind and listen to my sis! Heck, I wouldn't even be blogging if it weren't for all of this!

I learned much more about Wisconsin history. I'm just a few chapters into Public Enemies by Bryan Burrough, (when I'm not picking up trashy mags for pleasure) .It's a great read and it brings me back to days of my father. I remember hearing his stories of how Dillinger and his gang shot up the Northwoods, specifically Little Bo in Manitowish Waters. How I wish I would have listened closer to those tales...Dad was born in 1919 and died at age 80 eight years ago. As I watched the filming of PE, and saw those old cars lining the streets, watched the gents in suits and ladies in smart dresses stroll together, I could only imagine what it was like to live in that time period. What an awesome era, albeit a scary one, but I think we're missing so much of what life was like back then. I wish my dad were here today to share this experience with my sister and me.

Lastly, I made some awesome new friends and met great people who I may never see again. What a great world we live in! The camaraderie and general good made me realize that there really are some wonderful people out there, and especially in WISCONSIN!

So that's five things I've learned so far from all of this...Why don't you add yours to the list?


~Minxie~ said...

Nice blog!!!! I am glad to see that I am not the only one who has learned a great many things during this experience...
I appreciate everyone that I have "met".... thanks for being one of those special people!

Osh said...


we have to get together!

lawgirl said...

I love that picture of him. Of course, I love every picture of him.

I remember when Major League was filmed. I was in the stands watching, and even got to run out on the field at the end. I didin't make it into the movie, though.

I learned that Johnny Depp has more fans than anyone in the world, and that they are very genuine, nice people. And I learned that standing in the freezing cold or rain, for hours on end, leaning on one leg, with your foot asleep, can be fun when you are with the right people.

Anonymous said...

the thing I learned:

I had no idea you were such a "Depp-aholic."

Cybermom said...

Me, too, Monkey! This all evolved over the past few months. Mind you, I'm not chasing him all over the country, (yet?), but I truly admire his work and can't wait to see this movie!

So, if that makes me a Deppaholic, so be it! Now that I've admitted it, do I HAVE to go through the 12 steps? haha

Maddy said...

Newbie visiting from Osh - it certainly changes one's perspective.

Cybermom said...

Hi Maddy! Welcome and thanks for commenting! I see you're a Leo too! Bday coming soon??? Me too. Happy days ahead!

Hey Lawgirl, haven't had a chance to talk to you about you know what.
I'm doing some paperwork next week. Think we could talk then? I appreciate your help!!!

shakenbsis said...

Peg! This is soo wonderful ;)

I love that pic too and also feel something like a sigh of relief thinking about him in a setting that is surely restorative...

One of these days i would love to meet you!

lawgirl said...

Yes, we can talk when you receive the paperwork. Feel free to email me at any time